First blog post

I found something the internet seems to be lacking.

Here’s the quick story.

I have graduated from undergrad and am working on getting my museum career off the ground. The more I look for and apply (and apply and apply) to jobs, the more I realize graduate school would not be such a bad idea.

My next step takes me to Google as I attempt to find reviews of museum programs or programs rated by reputable sources (or people with plenty of opinions). What I find is not a lot, especially compared to what one finds for MBA programs, for instance. I found something the internet seems to be lacking.

I love making informed decisions, which isn’t difficult if you have time or know exactly what you’re looking for. I’m making this site to attempt to make that process easier.

My goal is to bring together a semi-standardized review of different museum programs offered in the United States and abroad. In addition, I hope to supply a few narrative/interview-like posts written by individuals who have attended the reviewed programs to get their personal experiences in the program.

To begin, there is a survey you are more than welcome to fill out that should be fairly quick and definitely painless.

You should contact me if:

  • something is wrong with the survey
  • you would like to be one of the first interviewees
  • have any questions at all

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