The End of Hiatus and Update

MMR is coming back.

It has been a year since I started the full-time, 14-month position in Minnesota which has been awesome to spend longer than nine months in one position and working only one job. However, this, combined with applying to graduate schools, has meant that I have let this blog become stagnant.


I am going to work on changing that.


In the coming months, my highest priority is updating all of the reviews that are currently live and finally posting about the AAMG conference, which, even months later, was still one of the highlights of my summer. I am still working with the National Emerging Museum Professionals Network on a related project and that is making slow progress; there’s just so much to do!

Keep an eye out for updated blog posts and some new reviews. If you have yet to see your program listed and have not already, please, fill out the survey, it will stay open! If you want to be featured in an interview, get in touch, we can exchange emails so you can take your time and I can’t misquote. I am also always happy to talk to program directors or coordinators to add more perspectives to these reviews.

Thank you to all of those who have filled out the survey, been interviewed, attended the session at AAMG or otherwise supported this project. It’s already been a ride and I’m just getting started.


For the love of museums,


One thought on “The End of Hiatus and Update”

  1. Thank you!! I love this blog. It has become such a useful tool for me as I begin the next steps of my education. Can’t wait to see what’s next!


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