The Survey Explained

On the survey I ask the following questions:

What graduate school and program did you attend?

Seems like a self-explanatory question. I will use this question to organize responses.

How many years has it been since you attended the program?

For this question I give a range of options from 0 up to 16+ years. A program can (and hopefully does) change over the years and I hope to be able to add some more insight to this change by being able to separate new graduates from experienced alums. Maybe a program was really focused on theory 30 years ago but now have a balance of theory and application? This question will hopefully help illuminate those changes.

Advantages of the program (please answer in bullet form):

This is a free form question because I don’t want to limit any program’s descriptions. As long as participants can put it in a list form, I want to know what was important to them, stuck out as unique, or one of the top reasons they attended this particular program.

Disadvantages of the program, anything that could be improved (please answer in bullet form):

The question is a free form for the same reason as above. I want to know what participants wish were a bit different, or what classes should have been offered, or if some classes should have been offered more frequently, or if there is some tidbit participants wish they had known before attending the program.

This program’s overall score as it was when you attended:

This is a 1 to 10 scale, 10 meaning that participants would highly recommend the program you attended. This score should be based on your own experiences in the program. As more surveys are completed for a program, I will average this score and it will be included on the program’s post.

Are you aware of any changes to the program?

Quick yes or no just to make sure the correct participant answers the next question.

If YES, please rate this program as it is now. Changes may be based on professors, program format, etc.

Another 1 to 10 scale, with 10 being the highest possible rating. Participants should only answer this question if they feel they have an accurate understanding of the program currently. This score will also be averaged and the number of answers will be included on the program’s post.

If the overall score changed, please list why

Prospective students are happy to know that a program improved or changed focus quantitatively. However, knowing what aspects of the program changed will help prospective graduate students make the best decisions for their personal goals.

Do you work near your graduate school?

A quick yes, no question. I have gotten the impression that where an individual goes to graduate school is just as important as what an individual goes to graduate school for. Not only for the people an individual meets but the geographic location. I want to know if it’s true that participants of this survey that went to graduate school ended up working in the same location.

Where do you work?

This is a multiple choice question listing a variety of types of museum-like institutions that would involve museum-like work. I think I listed most of them; the “other” option should cover everything I missed. This question attempts to illustrate where participants work from which programs.

Which best describes the aspect of work you do in museums currently?

Same objective as the previous question, just more specific. This will show what departments most participants from each program work in. Again, there is an “other” option for any departments I omitted.

What is your current job title?

This is another way to express similar information as the above question.

What is your ideal job/job title?

Perhaps answers to this question will help others find a direction if many participants from the same program share similar dream jobs. Also, I love being reminded that people don’t seem to stop looking for the next step.

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