Interview with Emily Anstey for Tufts University

This is the first interview for Tufts University’s Museum Education program. This alumnus graduated in August 2015 and currently works as a National Park Ranger. Thank you, Emily, for answering these questions!


Why did you choose Tufts University?

I chose Tufts because of how it blended both the theoretical and academic viewpoint of museums with the practical applications (internship and professionals as instructors). I also loved that it was located in the Greater Boston area, an area rich with so many museums of every type. Finally, I wanted something more general in terms of types of museums that the program focused on. I knew I wanted to work in museums, but I wasn’t sure if art, children’s, or history museums would be where I wanted to end up. This program looked at the museum field holistically and prepared me no matter what type of institution I wanted to work for.

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Tufts University, Department of Education

This is the review for the Museum Education program offered by Tufts University. This is a two-year program through the Education Department that includes Museum Studies courses in its curriculum. This program includes the Museum Studies Graduate Certificate program that can also be completed by itself.

  • About 35 students are accepted yearly
  • The two-year program requires students to complete five museum studies courses, two education courses and four elective courses on a topic of the student’s choice
  • The GRE is required

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Bank Street College of Education

This is the review for Bank Street College of Education’s Museum Education department that offers three different programs. There is the Museum Education: Childhood with certification for those interested in teaching in a school classroom or without certification for those interested in teaching outside of a school classroom. Third, there is the Leadership in Museum Education program for those already working in museums. Here are some more fast facts about the program and college:

  • To apply for the Leadership in Museum Education program, students must have at least three years of museum experience. The program is for two years, with classes meeting one weekend a month and one week in June each year.
  • The Museum Education: Childhood programs, students student teach at a school in the fall and intern at a museum in the spring
  • With the certification option, students are eligible for New York state Childhood General Education, grades 1 through 6
  • At the end of any of these three programs, students earn an MS in Education
  • The College was founded by Lucy Sprague Mitchell; another awesome woman to acknowledge during Women’s History Month

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The University of the Arts

Updated on February 11, 2017 to incorporate additional responses.

This is the review for the Museum Studies Department at The University of the Arts (UArts). This review is based on eight responses for this university. Here are some quick tidbits on the school and department:

  • The Museum Studies Department offers three different programs, a MFA in Museum Exhibition Planning and Design, a MA in Museum Communication, and a MA in Museum Education.
  • All three degrees require a thesis or capstone project as well as an internship
  • Required to submit a portfolio or example of academic writing in addition to the Statement of Purpose.
  • The campus has 10 galleries
  • There are 103 graduates enrolled in the College of Art, Media and Design, the college that the Museum Studies Department is part of.

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George Washington University, Graduate School of Education and Human Development

Updated January 18, 2017, to incorporate additional responses.

This is the review for the Museum Education Program at George Washington University (GWU) based on six responses. GWU offers two entirely separate museum related master’s degrees, Museum Studies and Museum Education. If you would like to learn more about their Museum Studies Program go here. If you are looking for information on the Museum Education Program, continue reading.

To start here are some facts about GWU and the Museum Education Program offered there:

  • application deadline is March 1st but if you would like to be considered for scholarships, the deadline is January 15th. As long as you submit by this date, you are considered for half-tuition merit scholarships
  • the degree is a Master of Arts in Teaching
  • the graduate school has a Twitter (@gwGSEHD)
  • the program is only 14 months long and begins in the summer
  • only 10-15 students are accepted a year
  • the GRE is not required

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