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For some additional guidance on your graduate school decision, check out some-or all-of the links below. Included are some recaps of previous conference sessions that focus on graduate school, some bloggers/museum professionals who enjoy sharing their perspective on the subject, and other material I found lying around on the internet. I’ll be updating this page as I become aware of more material so be sure to check back. And of course, if you have any suggestions for this page contact me or comment below!

In no particular order:

Tips for Picking a Graduate Program that will be a Good Fit for You by Museum Blogging

This post provides a handy starter list for deciding what you’re looking for in a program. I say starter because everyone has different priorities for graduate school, and only you know which details are most important on your personal wishlist.

A Buyers’ Guide for Museum Studies? And Two More Big Questions by The Uncataloged Museum

A summary of a session at the New England Museum Association (NEMA) 2014 conference which includes a list of aspects about museum studies programs that were important to the participants at the conference to consider before choosing a program. At the end of the post, the author also brings up two abstract questions about the museum field as a whole.

Musings on Museum Studies: #1 by MuseLab

Though this post focuses on responding to a review of their book Foundations of Museum Studies: Evolving Systems of Knowledge, the blog post series will address, “some of the criticisms of museum studies, evaluate whether they are justified, make some recommendations for how museum studies programs can be improved, and also point out some things they are doing well.”

Musings on Museum Studies: #2 by MuseLab

The second post is here and points out the dichotomy between theory and practice found in museum studies programs. The author points out that the two aspects of museums are intertwined which makes separating them a little counter-productive.

Musings on Museum Studies #3 by MuseLab

The third post adds another voice to the museum job market dialogue. John Simmons quotes some statistics and offers an alternative to the “doom-and-gloom opinions that regularly pop up on museum listservs.”

Musings on Museum Studies #4 by MuseLab

The most recent installment in this series adds to the discussion of the museum job market. Simmons writes about his own beginning in the museum field to show that not much has changed since the 70s. I don’t agree with where he leaves the post though I think the tips he lists are on point.

A Conversation with Museum Studies Programs by Paula Gangopadhyay

“Up Next,” which is the Institute of Museum and Library Services’ blog, posted this summary of a one-day meeting between twenty-three different institutions to talk about various topics concerning museum studies programs.

Warning: Museum Graduate Programs Spawn Legions of Zombies! by Museum 2.0

Now for something completely different. Just to make sure you’re thoroughly conflicted (or completely sure) about attending graduate school, here is an individual who makes some valid points about why you should not attend a museum graduate program.

Guide to Public History Programs by the National Council on Public History

An extensive list that goes into detail about Public History programs, put together by the National Council on Public History. They include details like program strengths, the type of financial aid offered and how many students are admitted per year. And of course a link to the website.

If you know of any other websites, posts, or other materials that should be on this list let me know!

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