Bank Street College of Education

This is the review for Bank Street College of Education’s Museum Education department that offers three different programs. There is the Museum Education: Childhood with certification for those interested in teaching in a school classroom or without certification for those interested in teaching outside of a school classroom. Third, there is the Leadership in Museum Education program for those already working in museums. Here are some more fast facts about the program and college:

  • To apply for the Leadership in Museum Education program, students must have at least three years of museum experience. The program is for two years, with classes meeting one weekend a month and one week in June each year.
  • The Museum Education: Childhood programs, students student teach at a school in the fall and intern at a museum in the spring
  • With the certification option, students are eligible for New York state Childhood General Education, grades 1 through 6
  • At the end of any of these three programs, students earn an MS in Education
  • The College was founded by Lucy Sprague Mitchell; another awesome woman to acknowledge during Women’s History Month

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Eastern Michigan University

This is the review for the Historic Preservation program at Eastern Michigan University (EMU).

To begin, here are some facts about Eastern Michigan University and its Historic Preservation program:

  • 80 to 100 graduates enroll annually which makes the program the largest of its kind in the States
  • Offers evening and night classes which may be useful if you are working while going to school
  • Works with other local historically oriented organizations such as the Michigan Historical Center, and the Historic Ford Estates to offer fellowships and assistantships
  • Degree offered is a M.S. in the Geography and Geology department
  • Also offers a certificate option
  • Established a Digital Historic Preservation Library in 2014

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