University of Oklahoma

This is the review for the Master of Arts in Museum Studies at the University of Oklahoma. For starters, here are some facts about the university and program:

  • The degree is entirely online though they offer on-campus classes depends on the number of students enrolled at each location
  • The University of Oklahoma of Liberal Studies publishes the Journal of Museum Studies, that from the sound of it, gives students and professors the chance to publish.
  • The program is a 33 credit course and requires the completion of a thesis or research project or a museum elective with an exam at the end

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Eastern Illinois University

Please note: this program is closing after its 2017 class graduates. Source.

Updated on February 19, 2017 to incorporate additional responses.

This is the review for the Historical Administration program at Eastern Illinois University. Here are some quick facts about the program to get you started:

  • Requires a six-month internship and research paper
  • There have been 370 graduates from this program since 1975
  • The program offers five to nine graduate assistantships per year that include full tuition waiver and monthly stipend

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Syracuse University

This is the review for the Museum Studies program at Syracuse University, College of Visual and Performing Arts. If you weren’t previously aware, here are some facts about the university and its Museum Studies program:

  • The program has a Museums and Contemporary Practices MAYmester course where students spend a week in D.C. or NYC taking private tours and meeting with museum professionals.
  • There are 161 graduate students enrolled in the College of Visual and Performing Arts with 61% identifying as females
  • GRE is not required, however, if you submit them, they will be reviewed.

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Baylor University

This is the review for Baylor Universtiy’s M.A. in Museum Studies program. Here are some quick facts about the University and its program:

  • Baylor University is the “oldest continually operating university in Texas”
  • As of Fall 2016, there are 2,611 graduate students enrolled at Baylor
  • The university offers scholarships and loans as well graduate assistantships through the Museum Studies program.
  • Baylor University is the home to the Mayborn Museum Complex and the Martin Museum of Art

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University of Washington

Updated on March 12, 2017, to incorporate additional responses and information from the Student Experience Coordinator at the University of Washington.

This is the review for the University of Washington’s Museology degree program. It is a two-year, full-time, on-campus program. Here are some other facts about the program and university:

  • Offers the country’s only evaluation specialization
  • A thesis or capstone project is required to graduate
  • Partners with the American Alliance of Museum’s Curators Committee to organize the Excellence in Exhibition Label Writing Competition for 2017 and the Kirkland Arts Center every year for one graduate student to create an exhibition. You can read more about it here.
  • 44% of students qualified for work study in the 2015-2016 academic year
  • No higher, out-of-state tuition rate!

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Texas Tech University

Updated on February 19, 2017 to incorporate additional responses.

This is the review for the Museum Science and Heritage Management MA program at Texas Tech University (TTU).

Here are some facts about the university and program:

  • To be considered for fellowships, the deadline for applications are February 1st.
  • Students may choose between an internship or thesis to complete the degree.
  • Students may also choose a “subdivision” which will be the focus of their 12 elective credits. These subdivision choices change whether students choose the Museum Science or Heritage Management major.
  • In addition to the general TTU application, the program requires two recommendations, a scholarship application, and a career summary statement
  • The school has a pretty extensive university museum

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Kent State University

This is the review of Kent State University, School of Library and Information Sciences, Master of Library and Information Science with a concentration in Museum Studies.

Here are some facts about the university and program:

  • Though this review covers just the MLIS degree program and a specific concentration, the school offers a variety of MA combinations with the MLIS degree in addition to various concentrations.
  • Ranked #18 by U.S. News & World Report on the list Best Graduate Schools for Library and Information Studies in 2013
  • Most of the MLIS courses are found online
  • The program has some pretty cool  financial aid offers such as graduate assistantships for full tuition remission plus a small stipend as well as scholarships and fellowships

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University of Missouri-St. Louis

The following is the review for the University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL). This university offers a MA in History with a concentration  and graduate certificate in Museum Studies. The certificate is included in the two-year, full time, program.

To begin, here are some facts about the program:

  • UMSL partners with various institutions in St. Louis: Missouri Historical Society, St. Louis Art Museum, St. Louis Science Center, Missouri Botanical Garden, and St. Louis Zoo. Students complete assistantships at other institutions in the area such as the World Chess Hall of Fame and Campbell House Museum
  • There are scholarships and graduate assistantships specifically for the Museum Studies concentration
  • The program requires a separate museum studies application
  • According to Dr. Maris Gillette, the director of the Museum Studies program, of the last two graduating classes, 83% of graduates from the program found a job in their field in three months, 100% in six months.

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San Francisco State University

This is the review for the Museum Studies program at San Francisco State University. For starters, here are some quick facts about the program and university:

  • Over 90% of alumni are employed within a year of graduation
  • Participates in the Western Regional Graduate Program with offers reciprocal tuition for applicants that reside in 15 western states
  • Requires at least six months of paid or voluntary experience in a museum or related institution
  • Requires GRE and recommends 156 or higher on verbal and 4.5 or above on writing

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Johns Hopkins University

This is the review of the Museum Studies program at Johns Hopkins University. This is an online program through the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences Advanced Academic Programs. Some other fun facts about the program are:

  • Also offers certificates in either Nonprofit Management or Digital Curation
  • Though, online, requires students to attend a two-week seminar in Washington D.C. or another place organized by the program
  • No GRE required to be admitted and no thesis required to complete the degree
  • The program does not offer grants or scholarships, though they do offer financial aid

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