Interview with Betsy Deiterman for Texas Tech University

This is the first interview discussing the program at Texas Tech University. Thank you, Betsy, for providing some insight into your graduate school experience. Betsy graduated in 2015 and currently works as the Volunteer and Group Coordinator at a science museum.

Why did you choose Texas Tech University?
Native Texan. Preferred to go to a Texas school. The only other option at the time was Baylor in Waco, a private school ($$$) vs public, and I didn’t want to attend Baylor.

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Texas Tech University

Updated on February 19, 2017 to incorporate additional responses.

This is the review for the Museum Science and Heritage Management MA program at Texas Tech University (TTU).

Here are some facts about the university and program:

  • To be considered for fellowships, the deadline for applications are February 1st.
  • Students may choose between an internship or thesis to complete the degree.
  • Students may also choose a “subdivision” which will be the focus of their 12 elective credits. These subdivision choices change whether students choose the Museum Science or Heritage Management major.
  • In addition to the general TTU application, the program requires two recommendations, a scholarship application, and a career summary statement
  • The school has a pretty extensive university museum

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